Survival in the woods part 1

Survival in the woods part 1. My trip to Vermont and time well spent in the Mountains.

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FoodSaver Mason Jar attachments
Swing Away Can Opener
30 Day Food Bucket
Mountain House
Pinto Beans
Toilet Paper
Bucket Lid wrench opener
GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000
Rechargeable headlamp,Elmchee 6 LED 8 Modes
GasOne GS-8300 – Camp Stove
16-Pack Black Zipper Pouch
16-Pack Black Zipper Pouch
World’s Toughest Ultralight Survival Tent
World’s Toughest Ultralight Survival Tent
Waterproof Breathable Rain Suit
LED Road Safety Flare
Augason Farms Dehydrated Chopped Onions
Plasma Lighter Waterproof Windproof
GSPSCN Silver Tire Inflator Heavy Duty Double Cylinders
Timberland Mt. Maddsen Men’s Boot Hiker Shoes
Tactical Backpack Military
SPAHER 80L+20L Trekking Rucksack
Camping Hammock
Gold Armour Rainfly Tarp Hammock
Rockpals SP003 100W Foldable Solar Panel
Solar Charger, 8000mAh 3-Port USB
ROCKPALS 350W Portable Power Station

##### Things to think about gathering####

What to stock up on? How to get prepared for coming shortages due to, crop failures, loss of job or Natural Disasters. Who knows what is coming? Stock up on foods and supplies, all of the things you count on. My videos are to help the beginners to start to prepare them and there family’s to be ready for any type of situation! To have food, water and survival supplies on hand!! To show you that even if you are on a budget, you can do this for you and your family. To give you knowledge as a beginner to succeed in preparedness for you and your family. To always bring you good tips and tricks! To also show you how I do things ( not that you have to do it that way just a Template to go buy) All things that are brought up or talked about or reviews done on are my own Opinion! I
ENCOURAGE all comments and different ideas to help all people.

#1 water 1 gallon per day per person
#2 non-perishable food/canned goods
#3 manual can opener
#4 paper goods and plastic goods
#5 Zip lock bags
#6 paper towels & toilet paper & baby wipes
#7 Extra glasses or contacts
#8 personal hygiene tooth brush, toothpaste, soap, Deodorant & baby powder
#9 feminine products
#10 All baby needs food, diapers ext
#11 pet supplies
#12 propane or gas stove to cook on with extra gas
#13 first aid kit a good one
#14 prescription drugs or non prescription drugs
#15 sunscreen
#16 insect repellant
#17 change of clothes for everyone and 2 pair of extra socks
#18 tarps, sleeping bags, tent, some way to get shelter
#19 very important cordage to make shelter
#20 good shoes, boots waterproof
#21 Important documents in waterproof bag
#22 battery backup for you cell phone and extra charging cord
#23 a good map of your area you live in
#24 cash
#25 Books & games & toys for your kids
#26 pen pencil and note pad
#27 battery powered radio with extra batteries
#28 battery powered lantern, headlamp or flashlights
#29 candles and matches
#30 battery banks and solar chargers
#31 whistle
#32 light sticks
#33 a good pocket knife
#34 basic tools
#35 Gloves
#36 shovel, saw, ax or anything that will cut up wood
#37 mask, safty glasses
#38 fire extinguisher
#39 all kinds of fire starters you name it bring it
#40 large trash bags they have many uses
#41 duct tape
#42 PATIENCE… to get you through the tuff times….