A Society Overrun By Cowards And Weaklings | Ep. 820

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00:00 – Opening
02:03 – A Society Overrun By Cowards And Weaklings
12:03 – ACLU Files An Amicus Brief Against Loudoun County Teachers Who Don’t Want To Enforce Transgender Ideology
15:44 – Confusing Article Details The Birth Of Halsey’s Child
19:39 – Bari Weiss Explains To Brian Stelter Why The World Has Gone Mad
25:15 – Kamala Harris Campaigns for Virginia Gov Candidate McAuliffe In Black Churches
29:17 – Washington State Trooper Gives Final Sign Off After Being Let Go For Not Getting Vaccinated
34:01 – China Demonstrates Hyper Sonic Missiles That Can Land Close To The Target
38:19 – Daniel Craig Explains Why He Goes To Gay Bars
41:05 – Reading The Comments
50:59 – Matt’s Famous Reverse Cancelation

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a woman on a train in Philadelphia was sexually assaulted for nearly 10 minutes while bystanders watched and did nothing. Why does this sort of thing happen, and why does it appear to be so common these days? Also, the ACLU files an amicus brief in support of compelled speech. There was a time when the ACLU defended free speech. Times have changed. And Kamala Harris is campaigning in churches. How can she walk in the door without bursting into flames? Also, isn’t it illegal to campaign in churches? And finally, in our Daily Cancellation, the outrage mob is very upset at me because of some things I said about paternity leave. Will I apologize today, or double down? The answer may surprise you. All of that and more today on the Matt Walsh Show. 

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