Secretary Buttigieg Disappears For Two Months And Nobody Notices | Ep. 819

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00:00 – Opening
02:07 – Media Twists Texas Bill Banning Racism To Say It Requires Holocaust Denial
12:32 – Matt Celebrates 400k Subscribers
13:25 – Pete Buttigieg Has Been On Paid Leave For Months And We Only Just Now Noticed
23:13 – Chairman of Nike’s Air Jordan Admits To Killing Teenager When He Was A Gang Member
27:50 – Daily Wire Reveals Loudoun County Covered Multiple Sexual Assault Cases Up
31:52 – Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings Show Promises A Diverse Cast
36:13 – Joe Biden Announces Purchase Of Vaccines For Children
41:30 – Lizzo Shows Up At Party In See Through Dress
47:17 – Reading The Comments
52:53 – John Lewis Home Insurance Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Texas recently passed a bill banning racist concepts like critical race theory from the classroom. The media is now claiming that this rule somehow requires holocaust denial. We’ll try to figure out what the hell they’re talking about today. Also, the secretary of transportation has been on paternity leave for two months and nobody noticed. What does that say about the necessity of his job? And Amazon’s new Lord of the Ring series promises to include a cast of racially diverse hobbits. Plus, Joe Biden announces that your 5 year old will soon be eligible for the COVID vaccine. And a home insurance ad features a young boy in drag. What does that have to do with home insurance? 

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