NFL Fires Coach For Vulgar Language. Still Employs Domestic Abusers And Drug Addicts. | Ep. 816

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00:00 – Opening
01:48 – NFL Fires Coach For Vulgar Language. Still Employs Domestic Abusers And Drug Addicts.
12:26 – More On The Cancelation Of Jon Gruden
16:32 – Loudoun County Schools Attempt To Conceal Sexual Assault Case
25:19 – Southwest Continues To Claim That Flight Cancelations Have Nothing To Do With Vaccine Mandates
30:31 – Spurs Head Coach Shares Opinion On Columbus Day
29:54 – Gavin Newsom Signs Bill For Assisted Suicide
42:53 – Reading The Comments
49:37 – Brit From The NYT Advice Column Is Canceled

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, NFL head coach Jon Gruden has been forced to resign after the media published his private emails containing “vulgar language.” Meanwhile, the NFL still employs domestic abusers, rapists, and drug addicts. But none of those crimes are as bad as thought crimes. Also, Southwest cancellations continue as the CEO of the company continues to deny that it has anything to do with a vaccine mandate. And California, always on the forefront of the culture of death, passes a bill making it easier for people to kill themselves. 

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